Fighting back to top

The 28-year-old put the gloves back on in July after taking seven years off to focus on her chiropractor career in South Lake and being a mum.

Jasmine started boxing when she was 16 for fitness and competed from age 18 to 21, winning the 2006 54kg National Champ, and several golden glove and state championships.

With the Australian Championships from April 28 to May 2 Jasmine�s first major competition since returning, she was overwhelmed and glad that all the hard work had paid off.

She said she loved the fitness and dedication boxing required, with training in Mullaloo consisting of lots of running, skipping, pad work, bag work, and strength and conditioning.

Jasmine�s passion for the sport is shared by family members, especially Pat Devellerez, who trained Perth�s own Danny Green.

Being a girl in a male-dominated sport has never worried Jasmine.

She said when in the gym, there was no gender.

�We all train the same and put in the same effort,� Jasmine said.

�I like surprising people, saying I am a boxer.

�Its great being a role model for the younger generation, males and females.�