Josh Kennedy: How it really feels to win an AFL premiership

Josh Kennedy (right) and Liam Duggan soak it up. Photo: Getty
Josh Kennedy (right) and Liam Duggan soak it up. Photo: Getty

WHAT a week it has been!

It’s hard to put into words how it feels to realise a life-long ambition and the moment when the siren sounded making us the 2018 premiers. Even saying that now, it sounds a bit surreal.

It was just amazing and my first instinct was to look for Lecca (Mark LeCras). We’ve played a lot of footy together in the forward line and are good mates, so I wanted to share that time with him.

I didn’t have to look too hard to find him. He was thinking the same thing and came running at me and jumped into my arms. That was pretty special.

Josh Kennedy’s three goals were crucial to the outcome. Photo: Getty

Actually, it has been a special time ever since. It has been a bit of a whirlwind, celebrating with our club and the fans.

When you start out on your football career you dream about the moment, but until it actually happens you have no idea how it really feels.

Over the years I have spoken to a lot of players who have experienced success, but until you get there yourself you really don’t understand. It will probably take a little time to really appreciate it.

To have so many of our fans at the MCG was amazing and the support really helped us. They were brilliant, so loud and were behind us even when Collingwood jumped out of the blocks and built a lead in the first quarter.

Then there was the lap of honour which is something I’ll never forget, being able to do that with my two daughters is a memory that will stay with me forever. And the celebration at Langley Park was something else.

Kennedy shares an embrace with former teammate Beau Waters. Photo: Getty

It was absolutely amazing to see so many people in the city for the welcome home. I saw there were estimates of about 50,000 people there, which is mind-blowing. We couldn’t see the back of the crowd from the stage, it just kept going and going.

That reminded us how much it means to all those fans who have been on the journey with us and have been so important. The support we had for all of our games at home was huge and to see so many devoted West Coast fans converge on Langley Park to see us bring the cup home was just brilliant.

When things settle down a bit and I have some down time with the family, I’ll get a chance to reflect on being a part of a premiership team.