NBL: Shawn Redhage wins Perth Wildcats Christmas prize

NBL: Shawn Redhage wins Perth Wildcats Christmas prize

WE have some very experienced players at the Perth Wildcats, guys reaching the ripe old age of 30 and a couple of fathers, but nothing gets the team more excited than the festive season and Christmas Day.

For me, Christmas is all about spending some time with family and indulging in a little bit of a feast; unfortunately only one part of that story eventuated.

With practice in the morning and a game only a couple of days later, we definitely had to place limits on how many prawns we were able to put away.

The MVP of Christmas spirit has to go to the elder statesman of the team Shawn Redhage.

His house was one of the most fiercely decorated in Wembley Downs and he was happy to admit that one of the primary reasons his street committed to Christmas lights this year was because of the trend he introduced.

Spending some time with our loved ones and finally being able to sleep in our own beds was not something we took for granted.

The next couple of weeks are extremely important with a logjam in the NBL standings so our focus is at an all-time high.

Spending so much time on the road, we are unable to focus on individual skills so it will be nice to get back into the routine of things with a home fixture next week.