Smooth trajectory to success

Emma Nolan has readily adapted to the exacting sport of archery.
Emma Nolan has readily adapted to the exacting sport of archery.

The Year 7 Perth College student had an impressive meet at the National Youth Archery Championships in Adelaide in April, winning the gold medal in the U12 target event and silver in the two-day field event.

She also won a bronze medal in the U14 match-play event.

The 12-year-old, who took up the sport only two years ago and does not consider herself talented, said she wanted to do well.

‘I was looking for a club to join and had friends taking part so I joined Yokine Archery Club; I was very intrigued,’ she said.

‘I love lots of things about archery: it is a great feeling when you finally find what you have been doing wrong in your technique and then fix it and you see the results. Archery is a very calm sport and I love just zoning in on what I am doing right at the moment.

‘It also tests my concentration and I also love shooting in competitions and beating my own score because this shows that my training is working and I am making progress.

‘I love the feeling of getting it right and hitting the target; it’s quite addictive.’

Emma balances her archery with studies, which also includes piano and flute but she said music practice had taken a back seat, due to the amount of time she devoted to archery.

She has also been invited to compete at the Geosan Amateur Archery Championships in South Korea during August and hopes to go far.

‘I try not to think about what I might want to do in the future, but like any kid that does a sport, of course it would be my dream to represent Australia in the Olympics, but I have a lot more hours of hard work to go yet.’