Garage Sale Trail: What happens to your bulk rubbish

Waste Authority of WA chairman Marcus Geisler at Henderson Waste Recovery Park. Picture: Andrew Ritchie.

HAVE you ever stopped to think what happens to that old piece of furniture you throw out as part of a bulk rubbish collection?

This video captures the process – from the crushing of the items on the verge, to the compacting in the truck and finally the dumping in landfill – that follows your annual bulk rubbish collection.

Waste Authority WA chairman Marcus Geisler said taking part in events like the Garage Sale Trail went a long way to reducing the amount of household items going to landfill.

“Once it’s on the kerbside, and it’s in the pile that goes to landfill, no one looks at it anymore,” he said.

“It just goes into the truck, it gets crushed and it gets buried forever.

“It’s important to actually sort out the good materials and either sell them in a garage sale or donate them elsewhere.”

Click here for more tips on how to reduce waste and here to register for the Garage Sale Trail, which takes place on October 22.