Crap Music Rave Party: Tomas Ford

Yangebup’s Tomas Ford.
Yangebup’s Tomas Ford.

AFTER six months of touring internationally and nationally, Tomas Ford will wrap up 2015 with a triple treat of local shows.

The Yangebup resident says they will be his biggest.

The party-starting showman will play one show on Rottnest Island on December 19 before returning to the mainland for a Boxing Day show at Astor Theatre.

He will then say goodbye to the year with a show at Karratha’s Blanche Bar on New Year’s Eve.

In true Ford fashion, Crap Music Rave Party will be plenty of fun, even if it does involve “the worst music of all time”.

“It’s been a big hit at festivals around the world now but the Perth ones are always huge and powerfully stupid fun,” he said.

“This will be the biggest single show I’ve ever put on anywhere so it’s a terrifying way to end the year.”

As a performer Ford is pretty hard to narrow down; put him in a box and he breaks free with ease.

It is that energy that has taken him on “wild adventures” around the world where he has been able to perfect his craft.

“I’ve got a few very different shows under my belt now so I’ve been spending part of my time as a cabaret-crooning spy, some as a hyperactive electronic madman and some DJing the worst music in the world to crowds of happy drunks,” he said.

“This year I’ve played in Europe and I’m touring around Australian capitals to cap it off.

“It’s been really intense.”

Next year is looking busy too.

He will turn his spy thriller cabaret into an album and web series, tour Europe and Australia, and perform in New Zealand for the first time. “I have a dangerous mix of lack-of-impulse control and wild ambitions, so there’s a pile of other stuff that feels too dumb and unlikely to work that I can’t talk about but you never know.”