Dining out on taboos

Xavier Toby will perform in The Dinner Party.
Xavier Toby will perform in The Dinner Party.

Toby takes on three old school friends and their partners, represented on stage by different bottles of alcohol, with those issues never meant to be brought up during dinner – religion, politics, sex and money.

He said the idea came from one of his own experiences.

“I was at a dinner party with some old school friends and contemplating stabbing myself in the eye with a fork just so I could leave,” he said.

“They were all on about matching their furniture to their curtains to their pet |spoodles and I thought that I can’t be the only person who’s had this experience.

“I’m also very unlikely to ever see them again, so why not tell some jokes about their stupid smug faces and babies?”

Toby said there would be plenty of jokes, “hopefully some bits that will be thought-provoking” and that he was looking forward to performing in front of a Fremantle audience.

The Dinner Party is at the Sail and Anchor from January 28 to 31. Visit www.freoroyale.|com.au.