Family feel draws actor back

The original hit, which was written by Perth playwright Noel O’Neill, followed the Pilankous family, a Greek-English unit living in London in the 1960s.

As with the 2014 hit, O’Neill is behind It’s All Greek To Me Too.

In the follow-up, family patriarch Nicky, played by Taylor, again finds himself in trouble after setting up a disastrous marriage.

A curse is put on Nicky and, with a host of family and personal issues to deal with, he needs to get it lifted.

Taylor said his character’s good intentions never manage to keep him out of trouble.

“He hasn’t changed a drop from the original play,” he said.

Taylor said the reception to the original, which had its run at the Old Mill Theatre extended to meet demand, and the fun he had performing meant he never considered passing up on the sequel.

“My fellow actors became close-knit family members who you rely upon to do their part,” he said.

“It’s great to be part of a production like this.”