Fremantle: pipe organ concert remembers fallen soldiers

Dominic Perissionotto and Brent Grapes.
Dominic Perissionotto and Brent Grapes.

COMBINING poetry and music is one part of the fourth series of the Pipe Organ concerts.

Director Dominic Perissionotto said actor James Hagan provided the initial inspiration.

“Our wish is that the audience feels the effect war had on people, that it is something we need to avoid at all costs in the future and that no matter who you were, the effects and tragedy were the same,” he said.

“We also hope that moving through this reflected in the music and poems, that by the end of the concert there is a sense of hope that the sacrifice made by those who fought has enabled us to have essentially wonderful lives.”

The performance will include Brent Grapes on trumpet.

The Pipe Organ Plus Concert Series 2018, Concert 4 – For the Fallen, is on Sunday, November 11 at 2.30pm at the Basilica of St Patrick.