Fremantle: Three Secrets show explores the human condition

Fremantle artist Bello Benischauer's new production is Three Secrets. Martin Kennealey
Fremantle artist Bello Benischauer's new production is Three Secrets. Martin Kennealey

EXPRESSING that all people have something in common is just one aspect of the show Three Secrets, which will open at PS Art Space on Friday June 15.

Writer and director Bello Benischauer said he wanted to explore cultural diversity and commonality of people.

“I thought about all this madness and sadness of the people on this planet, so I created three characters who would address that and wove them into one play,” he said.

“Three characters touch on issues concerning their gender, expressing how they deal with pain, self-doubts and fragility caused by societal and cultural standards whilst remembering their childhood.

“They all feel lack of love and understanding but are willing to face their true nature.”

Mr Benischauer said the show is unique as everyone in the audience gets a different close-up story to take home with them.

“We create an immersive experience, we don’t come with a conclusive message, we try to make the audience rethink their own behaviours towards themselves as well as others,” he said.

“We guide the audience through different emotional situations, in which they are welcome to reflect on experiences they may have had in the past, how they felt at some point and how they feel now in a particular moment, when different media try to get your attention.”

The Beaconsfield resident said he wanted people to sit back and let it all sink in.

“Everyone experiences something different, some may listen more to the spoken word, the sound of the languages, others may immerse themselves in the soundscape, the visuals or the whole setting,” he said.

“It is not about what you can see and hear, it is about what you are willing to feel.”



WHEN: Friday June 15 and 22 from 7.30pm.

WHERE: PS Art Space, 22 Packenham Street Fremantle.


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