FREO portrait prize open to all

Dale Neill photographs Yamina Boase.  Picture: Jon Hewson   d438752
Dale Neill photographs Yamina Boase. Picture: Jon Hewson d438752

Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FiPP) chief steward Dale Neill believes the universal appeal of photography is what brings scores of international and local photographers to the growing competition, which is running for the third time.

“Photography is an international language; if a photograph causes people to think or have an emotional response, then you don’t need words to go with it,” he said.

Neill said the popularity of FiPP stemmed from his belief that the competition should be as open as possible.

“We are striving to keep the competition open, warm and friendly, in as much as it is quite possible that an entrant who photographs their child with their dog in their backyard could just as easily win as a professional photographer who has posed something in a quite structured way,” he said.

“Perth is the most isolated capital in the world, so it is very easy to develop tunnel vision, where photography is as an artform. It is very refreshing for local photographers to see work that has been contributed from photographers in other countries and other cultures.”

Entries are open for the Fremantle International Portrait Prize.

Proceeds from entry costs will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation of WA. Visit www.fremantleportraitprize.| for more information.