Giving homeless a face

Giving homeless a face

For the past 20 years, Masters has been capturing the story of the homeless people he encounters through photography.

This month, a collection of his most beautiful, honest and confronting portraits will be on display at Fremantle�s PS Art Space in his new exhibition, Howard�s Mind.

Masters said the works were a personal photographic response to the issue.

�I�ve been shooting the homeless and characters of the street for over 20 years,� he said.

�Not in a spy kind of way, but … to give them a face and a humanity that�s often ignored in the everyday life of the passerby.

�This has developed into a body of work that is quite unique and raw.�

Masters said he wanted the collection to be a celebration of the unique characters that could sometimes find themselves drifting between the cracks of society.

�I�m celebrating the characters of the street who have mental health, poverty and social issues,� he said.

�It�s going to be very original in the sense of the products used to display the portraits because it�s all printed directly to wood, plastics, cardboard and cement products.

�There are three main characters and their story which is going to be exhibited.

�I�m also working on another series for mental health awareness that coincides with Mental Health Week featuring portraits of brave people who have experienced mental health issues and their stories.� Howard�s Mind is at the PS Art Space from September 26 to October 3.