House with legs inspires moving story

Charmagne Salas with author Meg McKinlay
Charmagne Salas with author Meg McKinlay

But what if your house picked itself up and started moving all by itself?

This is the conundrum facing young Bella, the main character of local author Meg McKinlay�s new book, Bella and the Wandering House.

Bella is surprised to discover the little movements her wandering house is making, but her parents don�t notice, that is, until the house ends up on the banks of a lake.

McKinlay said the book took her young readers on an adventure alongside Bella as she tried to solve the mystery of her moving house.

�The inspiration from this book came from a silly story I spun to a four-year-old boy and with that, the story of a house that had legs and liked to wander around at night started taking shape in my mind,� she said.

�For the house�s pit-stops, I�ve drawn loosely on locations in the Perth area like Manning Lake in Hamilton Hill, Mundaring Weir and the Swan.�

She said it was a story she hoped all young readers would love and take something away from.

�I guess there are coming-of-age elements in the story, although I see Bella as a fairly self-possessed girl to begin with,� she said.

�I do think it�s important that she learns to trust her own instincts, which are quite different to those of her parents.�

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