Life After George: play is a wordy challenge

Lis Hoffmann.
Lis Hoffmann.

WHEN left-wing historian Peter George dies, those left behind are soon thrown into chaos.

As his two ex-wives, a widow and two grown children come together to plan his funeral after his mysterious death in a plane crash, some unexpected home truths begin to emerge.

Fremantle actress Lis Hoffmann plays first wife Beatrix in the Garrick Theatre’s production of Hannie Rayson’s Life After George, a role she said was heavy in dialogue, but interesting to play.

“The script editor in me would certainly like to trim some of my character’s words,” she said.

“Nonetheless, I love her honest verbal expression and would find it hard to play someone I disliked.”

Life After George is at the Garrick Theatre in Guildford on selected days from May 25 to June 10.


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