Rich material for drama

Kayti Murphy  with Petrina Harley, Joy Northover, Cassandra Gorman and Susan Lynch.
Kayti Murphy with Petrina Harley, Joy Northover, Cassandra Gorman and Susan Lynch.

Whether it was the drop-waist �flapper� dresses of the 1920s, motorcycle jackets in the �50s, or the power suits of the �80s, styles have always had a way of drawing us back to the time of its prominence.

That concept will be explored more deeply when talented Bibra Lake performer Kayti Murphy joins the cast of Love, Loss and What I Wore at Melville Theatre next month.

The play, written by Hollywood scriptwriters Nora and Delia Ephron and based on the 1995 book of the same name by Ilene Beckerman, is a series of monologues about women�s relationships, their wardrobes and how the two act as a time capsule of a woman�s life.

�It�s really about how certain clothes can represent a particular time in your life and the memories are ingrained in the clothes themselves,� Murphy said.

�The play is an extension of this with the addition of other women�s stories, which I think makes it more universal.�

Director Vanessa Jensen was quick to point out the story was more than a shallow history lesson.

�It�s about memories and the moments that shaped a person�s life while also looking at the role of family and why dressing room mirrors make you look so hideous,� she said.

�The play is moving, touching and raises some interesting issues yet is also humorous, all done in such a way that someone in the audience will recognise and relate to nearly every line delivered.�

Murphy plays a variety of women recounting the clothes they wore at the different stages of their life.

�One minute you�re in a light-hearted scene about how women have an obsession with black clothes and, the next minute, you might have a scene that�s much more introspective or touching,� she said.