Students bridge generational gap

Bill Lang and CBC Fremantle student Samuel McPhail.
Bill Lang and CBC Fremantle student Samuel McPhail.

A group of these students got the chance to bridge this generational gap when they took part in a new Museum of Moving Objects project.

Great Men by Great Boys paired Year 9 students with elderly men living at Hilton�s Aegis Aged Care, allowing the students to listen to and record the histories of the men, which has culminated in a new exhibition at the Fremantle Library.

MOMO Inc curator Megan Mentz said the boys were able to form relationships with the men to make sure their histories do not go unrecorded.

Aegis therapist Anja Danner said the project was even beneficial to the men, who saw it as an affirmation of who they were and what they had achieved in their lives through sharing their stories with the younger generation.

Great Men by Great Boys is at the Fremantle Library until July 31.

It will return for an exhibition at CBC Fremantle in November and Hilton�s Aegis Aged Care in December.