Vet warns on pets’

Dr Ewen Blaikie and Diesel.
Dr Ewen Blaikie and Diesel.

Jandakot Vet Hospital’s Dr Ewen Blaikie said it was important to keep your pet’s diet in check.

‘Your pets are part of the family too and it’s important in the busyness of the season not to overlook their needs,’ he said.

‘Just like us they can over-indulge, so keep an eye on what they’re being fed.’

The local veterinarian said it was common for him to see more animals during the festive season.

‘The most common reasons we see animals over Christmas are from eating too much rich food. That includes fatty scraps from the Christmas ham, leftovers from a roast, or fatty leftovers from a barbecue,’ he said.

‘The other common reason would be from dogs overheating in the summer sun, and not having access to plenty of water. It won’t take long for a dog to dehydrate in the sun without water.’