400 Year Old Tree Poses Public Safety Hazard

A large jarrah tree cut down on Forrest Road on the Bibra Lake and Coolbellup border was removed because it posed a safety hazard, according to Main Roads WA.

Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts said the tree had to come down because it posed a serious public safety hazard.

“Main Roads authorised the removal of the tree following a recommendation from an arborist who deemed the tree a potential safety hazard with large dry dead limbs and evidence that some had fallen in the recent past,” he said.

Mr Roberts said the tree’s location made it difficult to trim branches and remove a large beehive which affected nearby residents.

He said the arborist said the tree was in poor health.

“The centre of the tree was dead along with the tree canopy,” he said.

“The only sign of life were a few shoots sprouting from the base.

“Because of the bee infestation through the dead trunk, no other wildlife could utilise hollows for nesting.”

Residents were angry after the tree, believed to be 400-years-old, was cut down about 10am on Tuesday.

Resident Linda Manning described the removal as vandalism and Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the City would seek an explanation from Main Roads WA.

“The wanton destruction of this majestic tree reflects poor decision making at a time when trees of this stature and maturity are rapidly disappearing from our landscape and increasing the adverse impact on our flora and fauna,” Mr Howlett said.