A purrrfect cat cafe is opening in Fremantle

A purrrfect cat cafe is opening in Fremantle

We’re not kittening around, the Cat Whispurr cat café will open next week in Fremantle.

The purrfect venue will feature an indoor cat play area and a separate café.

Owner Jacqueline Montesi said the inspiration behind the cafe started after she rescued a cat in Bali.

“At the time I was on holiday and we tried to rehome a cat we rescued,” she said.

“I managed to have Elizabeth Hansel from Villa Kitty in Bali rehome it and find someone to love it.

“Her whole set up was just wow, it opened my eyes up to the cat rescue world which I was oblivious too, I thought everyone did the same thing.

“There is such a need to rehome these beautiful felines.”

Ms Montesi said all of the 15 cats have been rescued with WA Pet Project.

“They will all live here permanently, this will be their home, I just pay the bills the cats are the owners,” she said.

“In this particular café, I tried to work it for those who can’t have pets or have family members who are allergic.

“For those who are working and want a 20-minute break we have a bar bench over there, and all our tables have power point plugs.”

The Wilson resident said she encouraged everyone to come down, but those who are younger than four may not be able to play with cats.

“Younger children could come in with their parents and if they have pets around the home so they know how to treat the animals,” she said.

“One of the first questions I get is, do I bring my cat?

“Or I can’t come because I don’t have a cat.

“When they see the concept they are surprised and they come back.

“Come on down, the cats are all getting along with everyone, they are ready to show their acrobatic skills.”

The café is set to open Tuesday, April 16 and will be open Tuesday to Sunday from then on.