A touch of decadence

Sue Lewis (top) and some of her produce.
Sue Lewis (top) and some of her produce.

When you think about these three foods, chocolate does not necessarily come to mind.

It did for Sue Lewis.

The chocolatier has quickly formed a cult following amongst local chocolate lovers, mixing weird and wonderful ingredients to make amazing tasting creations as part of her Sue Lewis Chocolates at the Myre Project.

Already well known around the Subiaco and Shenton Park areas for her eclectic creations, Ms Lewis uses chemistry to break down the components of the ingredients and the chocolate, using the structure of the foods to find what goes together best.

The result is flavours such as champagne, raspberry, blue cheese, salted caramel and orange, including some out-of-the-box limited time flavours, such as Vegemite.

Ms Lewis said she got into the chocolate business after moving to WA and wanting to set up a business doing something she loved.

‘As a cook I am inspired by great local seasonal produce,’ she said.

‘I work in the same way with chocolate, I see what’s good at the farmers markets and find which chocolate will balance and match it.

‘Sometimes I just have some fun with the flavours.’

She said the uniqueness of her chocolates and their flavours made them stand out from the competition.

‘People love to try new things and I work with the best covertures chocolate from around the world,’ she said.

‘Chocolate from different countries has different flavour notes and I like to get people to think about what they taste and how it balances.

‘The difference between my chocolates and other brands is that I don’t use any preservatives, so there’s no glucose and the sugar content is low and I also make dairy free chocolate.’

Not content to be known solely as the chocolate lady, Ms Lewis also provides cold drip coffee from locally roasted pound coffee, iced tea and traditional custard ice-cream with no additives.

‘Myre is a fabulous project, which is a fresh and innovative way of using our empty spaces, while giving opportunities to small businesses and giving choice to the community,’ she said.

‘I think it’s a great model that could be adopted to regenerate many towns that are losing their small local business.’

Sue Lewis Chocolates is at the Myre Project from 10am to 6pm Wednesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.