Aim to double rail freight

Perth leads the country with 14.2 per cent of freight shifted on rail, about 1 per cent more than Sydney and Melbourne and about 9 per cent more than Brisbane.

Mr Nalder said his department aimed to lift that to 30 per cent.

�My office had a conversation with (US-based transportation) company Watco � and they indicated to us if we were to able to achieve 30 per cent we would be best practice, which suggests a minimum of 70 per cent of our freight would need to move by road,� he said.

Mr Nalder backed up his point by referring to a recent trip to Singapore, a country that takes in 4-5 million domestic containers through its port each year.

Mr Nalder said Singapore moved 100 per cent of its freight by truck because it was more efficient.

�I�m not saying ultimately that�s what we want to do � we have an aspiration to shift as much as 30 per cent by rail and we�re continuing to work on that,� he said.

�In the past 12 months we�ve extended the spur at Fremantle, we�re creating bypasses on the rail itself so we can get more traffic onto the rail and we will continue to work at that.�