Approval deferred on coast plan guidelines

Cockburn City Council agreed to defer on the move at its monthly meeting after it had become apparent local businesses had not had enough time to study the plans.

The plans relate to the redevelopment of the former Robb Jetty industrial area and the South Fremantle Power Station that, when completed, will house up to 10,000 residents.

The area will also incorporate an activity centre, public open space, mixed business zoning and a primary school with a shared oval.

The updated plans were uploaded earlier to the City’s website, with City officers recommending their adoption subject to a few modifications.

These modifications, considered by council officers to be minor and not substantial enough to require another public consultation period, were made to reflect better the outcomes outlined for the land in the 2009 Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan.

After being adopted for final approval, the plans will be forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission for its approval.

Councillor Tony Romano said it was important local and established businesses in the area had the chance properly to assess the documents.

‘It’s incumbent on council to work with local landowners to get the best outcome,’ he said.

‘While the development is coming, dialogue between both parties needs to be greater so all voices are heard.’