Asbestos fears over demolition works

Michele, who didn’t want his surname published, said he and other residents knew about the pending demolition of three derelict homes near Beaconsfield Primary School, but that they only learnt about the asbestos after reading the Gazette on March 11.

He said it was particularly worrying given the amount of dust that blew over houses in the area following the demolition.

‘It’s concerning because I’ve got two young children and I’m worried about anything that could have carried through in the dust,’ he said.

‘It’s fair enough if it’s a run-of-the-mill demolition job and I saw it as just a demolition ” we weren’t aware of the asbestos at all and when you’re talking about asbestos these days, it’s a different kettle of fish.’

With the demolition approved by the Education Department, infrastructure executive director John Fischer said the licensed contractors abided by the guidelines set by WorkSafeWA and the City of Fremantle for the demolition.

‘Asbestos product was present in all three houses which was removed in accordance with safety guidelines during the school holidays,’ he said.

‘Suppression measures were undertaken during the demolition of the buildings in accordance with guidelines and while there may have been some inconvenience to residents from dust particles, there was no health risk to local residents and students and no asbestos remnants in the dust as the site had been completely cleared.’