Aubin Grove households revealed as Cockburn?s thirstiest, Water Corporation figures reveal

Aubin Grove households revealed as Cockburn?s thirstiest, Water Corporation figures reveal

AUBIN GROVE households have been revealed as Cockburn’s thirstiest.

Water Corporation figures reveal the typical household in that area consumed 318,000 litres of drinking water in 2015-16.

Close in second was neighbouring suburb Atwell, where residents used an average of 314,000 litres.

Trailing just behind in third was Jandakot, with 308,000 litres of water used annually by the typical household.

While water use in those suburbs was well above the 240,000 litres used in the average metropolitan home, Cockburn’s thirstiest suburbs came nowhere near matching the top water-guzzlers in Perth.

Peppermint Grove residents easily used the most, with the typical household using an average of 433,000 litres of water.

Draining 372,000 litres of water annually were homes in Kalamunda’s Gooseberry Hill, placing it second in Perth.

Homes in Dalkeith were third, guzzling 369,000 litres of water.

At the more conservative end of the scale were households in the suburb of Perth, which used an average of 122,000 litres in 2015-16.

West Perth (129,000) and East Perth (131,000) rounded out the top three most water-conscious suburbs, while Northbridge (134,000) and Highgate (142,000) were not too far behind.

In Cockburn, North Coogee households (176,000 litres) used the least amount of water, followed by Hamilton Hill (195,000) and Coolbellup (216,000).

Water Corporation spokeswoman Clare Lugar said housing style, block size, gardens and the number of people in a home were factors in how much water a household used.

“More than 40 per cent of household water use occurs outside the home,” she said.

“This is an important reminder for households to keep up their water-wise gardening habits, including abiding by the two-day-per-week sprinkler roster currently in place across Perth.”

About 22 per cent of household water use occurs in the shower, with the rest generally used in the kitchen, laundry and for flushing toilets.

Cockburn’s top five highest water consuming suburbs in 2015-16 (litres/household):

Aubin Grove – 318,000 litres

Atwell – 314,000 litres

Jandakot – 308,000 litres

Beeliar – 289,000 litres

Coogee – 286,000 litres

Cockburn’s top five lowest water consuming suburbs in 2015-16:

North Coogee – 176,000 litres

Hamilton Hill – 195,000 litres

Coolbellup – 216,000 litres

Munster – 216,000 litres

Banjup – 218,000 litres

Perth’s top 10 highest water consuming suburbs in 2015-16:

Peppermint Grove – 433,000 litres

Gooseberry Hill – 372,000 litres

Dalkeith – 369,000 litres

Bedfordale – 361,000

Darlington – 359,000

Jane Brook – 352,000

Swanbourne – 352,000

City Beach – 352,000

Henley Brook – 350,000 litres

Iluka – 348,000 litres

Perth’s top 10 lowest water consuming suburbs in 2015-16 (litres/household):

Perth – 122,000 litres

West Perth – 129,000 litres

East Perth – 131,000 litres

Northbridge – 134,000 litres

Highgate – 142,000 litres

Glendalough – 156,000 litres

Midland – 157,000 litres

Osborne Park – 157,000 litres

Fremantle – 158,000 litres

Jolimont – 162,000 litres