Beach precincts beckon

With the recent sale of the oil refinery site and approval given to the construction of a hotel on Curtin Avenue, development continues to grow in the area and shows demand for development outside the Fremantle city centre.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said it was exciting to see the old industrial areas developed into beachside precincts.

�Leighton Beach is a beautiful stretch of coast, and as a council we have been working hard over many years to facilitate the development of the area in a vibrant and responsible way that both protects and beautifies the landscape, while providing more amenities for the community, visitors and new residents,� he said.

Mirvac residential group executive John Carfi, whose company is behind the Beachside Leighton apartments and Latitude at Leighton Beach, agreed.

�Mirvac has been working towards this since 2006 so we�re excited to see the activation of Leighton Beach,� he said.