Bird handler lets fly

Bird handler lets fly

A BIRD handler has called for fisherman to take more care when casting a line, with a number of large pelicans hooked on lures at Woodman Point.

Native Bird Rescue�s Craig Lester said he had come to the aid of three birds injured at the popular recreation spot in the last few weeks.

One had been pierced by a lure, while two others were tangled in fishing line.

�One pelican a while ago had four large hooks in its neck,� Mr Lester said.

�Usually, when the line becomes hooked, they (fisherman) will just cut the line.�

The Mandurah resident has spent plenty of time travelling the State to rescue birds, including a number of years with the WA Seabird Rescue.

He says birds with tangled legs or broken wings are common place, and most of the time have to be put down.

�By the time we get to them they�re usually pretty bad, They can have fishing line around their wings or cuts that have become infected. We lose 70 per cent of them, That�s why it�s so fulfilling to be able to release it or get it help,� he said.

Mr Lester said summer and school holidays were busy times, as people take to the water.

�The main things are to cast away from birds and to pick up plastic bags and rubbish.�