Book to get a serene peace of the action

Locals will have the chance to take part in a 10-week Peace Education Program at The Meeting Place starting next month, the workshops aiming to help attendees learn about attaining peace, appreciation, self-awareness and inner strength.

Peace Education Program volunteer Jenny Gilbert said the program was used by a variety of individuals and organisations, including prisons, universities and aged-care facilities.

‘Many people have an interest in a culture of peace in the world today and the Peace Education Program aims to address this interest in personal peace and acknowledge that it is every individual who contributes to that culture of peace,’ she said.

‘If the topics covered by the Peace Education Program appeal to people, then they should give it a go because educating oneself in such topics explored by PEP can be very illuminating and thought- provoking.

‘I hope people attending will enjoy exploring the topics presented in the program and come away feeling that they have gained a greater understanding of the possibility of personal peace.’

The free workshops are held every Sunday for 10 weeks, starting on August 10, from 3pm to 4pm at The Meeting Place.