Boundary submissions sought

The Local Government Advisory Board is calling for members of the public to enter a submission on their views of the new boundaries.

The LGAB is in the process of considering 34 formal proposals for the changes, 12 of which Local Government minister Tony Simpson submitted, 21 from local governments and one from City of Cockburn electors.

LGAB chair Mel Congerton said the board would take into account every piece of information it received.

‘We will be looking closely at many different elements involved in creating or changing local government boundaries,’ he said.

‘This includes a number of factors that are clearly set out in the Local Government Act, including community of interests, economic factors, the history of an area, transport and communication, matters affecting the viability of local governments and the effective delivery of local government services.

‘We will also look at any other matters we feel should be considered and the public submissions will be a key part of this.’

Mr Congerton said the board expected to complete its inquiry by the middle of the year.

To make a submission, visit for a form.

The public submission period ends on March 13.