Bridge needs replacing, says MLA

The replacement of the bridge has been a big issue for Fremantle MLAs in the past, with Adele Carles lobbying hard during her term for more funding for the bridge.

Ms McGurk took on the fight when she was elected.

The State Government has set aside funds for the bridge in the last few budgets, but Ms McGurk said it was never enough and nothing of note had been achieved with the bridge.

‘There was a very small amount of just $1.6 million put into design and project development for the Fremantle Traffic Bridge but no money allocated for the project itself, estimated to be worth over $100 million,’ she said.

‘This year marked the 75th birthday of the bridge and the Government has failed to provide enough funding to replace this crucial piece of Fremantle infrastructure.

‘Investment in road infrastructure will reduce congestion on our roads and I am disappointed the government cannot see this.’

Ms McGurk said despite what the budget said, parliamentary budget estimates made last week showed the funding for the bridge was not for the planning of the replacement bridge but to secure the pylons on the bridge which needed replacing.

‘All that does is keep the bridge from falling into the harbour,’ she said.

‘What is frustrating is that replacing the bridge would open up opportunities for separating the passenger and freight rail lines and in the process increase the amount of freight that can be transported by rail.’