Burned by BBQ ‘bargain’

A BARGAIN $500 barbecue deal has led to a Fremantle couple falling victim to an online scam.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said ScamNet was investigating a website – onsalemarketdeals.com – after a number of complaints, saying initial indications showed the website was fraudulent.

“A WA couple lodged a complaint with Consumer Protection on January 22 after paying $503 for a barbecue about two weeks ago and finding they were then unable to contact the site about their purchase when it wasn’t delivered,” he said.

“They had paid by direct bank transfer after the site suggested this as the best method; however this later rang alarm bells for them.

“Investigations have so far revealed a number of issues with onsalemarketdeals.com, which claims to offer for sale appliances, barbecues, exercise equipment, furniture and more.”

Issues include the site using a mobile number that belongs to a New South Wales resident who claims to have no knowledge of the site, the ABN belonging to a company in Queensland, which appears to be unconnected, and a search of consumer review websites show customers claiming payment but non-receipt of goods.

Mr Hillyard said people should only buy from well-established and reputable online retailers and to do an internet search of the website to get comments and reviews from other consumers.