Call for more leniency on prescribed burns

‘This has been such an intense fire and I really wish that we should have burns more frequently to reduce the fuel load,’ he said.

‘If there had been more burns when the fire did come through it would have been a cool fire, there wouldn’t have been too much to burn and the fire brigade would have been able to get on top of it very quickly.’

He also said there should be suitable punishment for anyone responsible for the fire, which is currently under investigation by Arson Squad detectives.

Det Snr Sgt Craig White, Officer in Charge of the Arson Squad, said preliminary reports pointed to the fire being caused by someone burning rubbish.

‘The area is being used as an unauthorised dumping ground, containing large amounts of rubbish including burnt tyres, oil and a large water tank,’ he said.

‘The lighting of fires where proper precaution or authorisation has not been obtained is a criminal offence and can result in devastating consequences for the community.’