Call for more public art

The tanks store drinking water to supply the residents of Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville, but they also loom over the suburb like an empty canvas, Cockburn councillor Stephen Pratt says.

After attending a symposium held by independent arts organisation Form, he believes the grey structures are just one of many landmarks around the City that could be livened up with public art.

Cr Pratt said he would be asking City staff to investigate potential locations for further public art and space activation.

�Blank walls can often be seen as blank canvases,� he said.

�I live near the Water Corp towers and can see them from my living room window.

�I�ve always thought that they were an interesting piece of infrastructure and unique to the area.

�To reflect this, it would be great to see some locally supported art that would bring the towers to life and ensure they are a feature within the City.�

Cr Pratt said the towers were just one potential location in Cockburn that could be revitalised through public art.

A Water Corporation spokeswoman said the utility did not allow operational assets to be painted or altered because it could increase operational and maintenance costs.