Call for stiff measures

More must be done: bar owner
More must be done: bar owner

Mr Heaton said there were a range of measures that could be put in place to reduce the impact of alcohol, including mandatory programs for all licensees and hospitality staff, more alcohol education advertisements for patrons and improving the cooperation between premises on banned patrons to ensure these people weren’t taking their bad behaviour from one venue to another.

Bringing closing time of nightclubs forward to 3am has been mooted as a possible strategy.

However, Mike Keiller, chairman of The Business Improvement Group of Northbridge (BIG N) who is also co-owner of Mustang Bar in Northbridge, said in his experience there was no connection between trading hours and violence.

‘People might turn up at a bar at 9pm and already be drunk, or turn up drunk at midnight,’ he said.

‘Further restrictions are not going to solve anything.’