‘Cast your vote’ plea

In 2011, just 30.5 per cent of Perth voted in thelocal elections. That figure was even lower in Cockburn where just 26.9 per cent of residents casted a vote, according to the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

Mr Simpson believed local government reform in 2015 made it an exciting time, but the role of a councillor remained the same.

‘These decisions directly impact on your life, your street and your community, from building and planning decisions, to collecting the wheelie bin, to dealing with growth and infrastructure,’ he said.

‘Think about who you want on your council making these big decisions. By exercising your vote, you can play an active role in the process and help guide your community’s future.’

Justin Harbord, the Commission’s manager for policy, compliance and community information, said heightened interest brought on by mergers and a record number of candidates could lead to an increased turnout by voters.