Centres zero in on access

IMPROVED pedestrian access and further road upgrades have been highlighted by Cockburn’s two biggest shopping centres after City of Cockburn councillors backed preparation of plans to aid growth of the community hot spots.

With numerous plans already guiding development of the hubs, the City said the Phoenix Activity Centre and Cockburn Central activity centre plans would focus strategically on activity and movement elements.

In a report to councillors, City officers said the plans would also identify future retail projections, land use requirements and future infrastructure needs.

A spokeswoman for the Phoenix Shopping Centre confirmed the shopping centre would remain and that certain sections of the centre were being considered for upgrades.

In response to the proposed plans, the spokeswoman highlighted access to the shopping centre for people crossing the busy Rockingham Road as a concern.

She said a pedestrian crossing or a pedestrian bridge would help people, particularly the elderly, cross the road, while traffic lights near the Australia Post entry could help slow traffic and make it easier for vehicles to enter and exit the centre’s main entries.

Perron Group’s general property manager Andrew Byars said that while Cockburn Gateway was looking at plans for the centre’s stage four expansion, there would not be any expansion without improvements to the road network around Cockburn Central.

“At present the area is working well but issues such as roads, services and retail amenity will come under increasing pressure as further development occurs at Cockburn Central and in the surrounding area,” he said.

The draft plans are due in November.