Chance to influence budgeting

Known as participatory budgeting, the proposal will allow the community to decide what project or initiatives in the greater Fremantle area they want to see the money spent on.

If council approves the initiative, a citizen jury made up of randomly selected community members will receive a list of the most popular ideas and will make the final recommendation on where the money goes.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said participatory budgeting was being more popular worldwide and the City had been looking at implementing it for a while.

“Our local community is passionate and engaged in local issues so giving them a real say on deciding where some of the City’s budget is spent will be a win-win for both the City and the community,” he said.

“Council sees it as way to empower our community to work with us to make decisions affecting everyday lives, as well as providing more transparency and insight into our budgeting process.”