Charges laid over rage incident

A screenshot from the alleged road rage attack in October.
A screenshot from the alleged road rage attack in October.

Police charged the 29-year-old man with assault occasioning bodily harm and criminal damage just a day after community released footage of the incident taken on the victim’s mobile phone.

Police say the man was a passenger in a black Holden Astra being driven aggressively after an incident with another driver on the Freeway onramp last October.

After entering the freeway, the Astra pulled up alongside a Ford Fiesta being driven by a 56-year-old woman.

Police claim the man leant |out the window, yelled abuse |at the woman and threw |something at her car.

Soon after, the man got out of the car and approached the woman’s vehicle, shouting abuse and trying to open her door.

He is then alleged to have punched the driver’s window, shattering the glass and striking the victim on the right shoulder causing minor scratches.

Glass was spread throughout the victim’s car.

The man then walked back to the Holden, which continued south on the freeway.

Mandurah Detectives, in collaboration with Roebourne police, arrested the man last Wednesday and he was charged.

The alleged incident added to a growing list of similar occurrences put in the spotlight in |recent times.

Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said motorists needed to show more courtesy to other road users. “In addition to assault and reckless driving offences, road rage laws enable the courts to order offenders’ vehicles to be impounded or confiscated,” she said.