Child star

Aisha Sabanovic. Picture: Elle Borgward d424840
Aisha Sabanovic. Picture: Elle Borgward d424840

Seven-year-old Aisha Sabanovic will travel to Europe at the end of October to take part in the grand final of the Face of the Globe beauty pageant at Disneyland Paris.

The competition involves a meet and greet in the UK before contestants make the trip to France for the competition.

The aspiring performer, enrolled at MSJ Productions in O’Conner, has loved the stage since she was two years old.

Yet grandmother Colleen Williams said the international event would be a step up on her previous experiences.

‘Aisha loves to be on stage but this international platform is far from anything she has previously been involved with and needless to say she is overwhelmed by the opportunity,’ she said. ‘She’s really excited.’

Aisha is currently fundraising for the Rainbow Child Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation helping underprivileged children around the world.

‘She is excited about the overseas travel however it means a lot to her to be able to help this worthwhile charity, to raise awareness and to help the children,’ Ms Williams said.