City included in WWI commemoration

In 1914, Fremantle and Albany were the two major ports from which the Australian soldiers left for the war and while Albany is in the midst of planning a federal commemoration on November 1, Fremantle had been overlooked.

Lobbying of the State and Federal governments by Fremantle MHR Melissa Parke and MLA Simone McGurk has resulted in the State Government supporting a local commemoration.

Ms Parke said commemorative events would include a camp at Blackboy Hill, where troops mustered, and a train journey to Fremantle that would give schools and community groups an opportunity to line the tracks and recreate the farewell given as the troops headed for the wharf.

‘The Fremantle event and train journey will be the principal opportunity for most people in metropolitan WA to participate in this very significant commemorative occasion, which is an appropriate and logical entree to the main event in Albany the following day,’ she said.

Ms McGurk said it was important that Fremantle be acknowledged in events commemorating the 100 years since WA troops left for World War I.