City on the road |to slowing traffic

City of Fremantle councillor Dave Coggin brought up reducing the limit at last week�s strategic and general services committee meeting during discussions on traffic calming initiatives along the strip.

Councillors discussed the inclusion of five speed humps along East Street, as well as a roundabout at the George Street intersection, but Cr Coggin said the speed along the street, with John Curtin College of the Arts and East Fremantle Primary School close by, was a big issue.

�My concern is that street clearly has rat-running on it; it is a wide street and people clearly speed,� he said.

�It is obvious to me that given there is a primary school and a high school there it seems nuts to me that we don�t prioritise pedestrian and cyclist safety along that road. Something needs to be done.�

The committee was given three options, with members choosing to endorse Option 1, which would limit the effect on verge space and on-street parking, ahead of a final decision being made at tomorrow�s full council meeting.

Option 1 is estimated to cost $349,000, with the City planning to involve the Town of East Fremantle to jointly pay for the changes.