Cockburn residents fear dog takeover as another section of coast is opened up

Cockburn residents fear dog takeover as another section of coast is opened up

THE possibility of another section of the Cockburn coast being opened up to dogs on leashes has been met with resistance.

The proposal, put forward by the City of Cockburn, is to remove the car park, cafe alfresco area and the shaded areas behind the popular eatery just north of Powell Road from the list of places where dogs are restricted.

Dogs would not be allowed on the beach or dunes. Dogs are allowed on the jetty, although that may change.

Coogee Beach is the only reserve under council control that does not allow dogs on leashes.

In a submission to Cockburn council on the latest issue, Coogee resident Ron Blake said there were already a huge number of parks, beaches and paths for people to exercise their dogs.

“During the summer months the alfresco area of the Coogee Beach Cafe is often filled to capacity,” he said.

“People opposed to this motion should not feel obliged to eat at the same table where dogs are present.”

Mr Blake said people deserved a choice to enjoy a dog-free space, and was worried dogs would eventually come to
take over the popular precinct.

“We’re not against dogs,” he said.

“The main issue for us is that if it goes through,  where will it stop?”

As Mr Blake did, Coogee resident Janet Barbarich started her own petition.

With dog beaches all along the coast, she said those against the proposal just wanted a dog-free zone.

North Coogee resident Liz Hodges said she would like the choice to bring her two cavalier king charles spaniels to the presently restricted site.

“Dogs are part of people’s families, this is where we all live and it’s unnecessary not to allow them here,” she said.

Public consultation closes on June 8.