Code change not popular

Changes are a move to limit suburban apartment developments.
Changes are a move to limit suburban apartment developments.

Under changes announced by Planning Minister John Day, restrictions will be placed on the number of apartments that can be built on blocks zoned R30 and R35.

The changes will also mean every apartment is allocated at least one parking bay.

Mr Day said the changes would control apartment development in suburban areas and �ensure the number of dwellings on a block is appropriate for the location�.

While land coded R40 will remain as is, the State Government will encourage local governments to limit apartment developments to blocks near activity centres and train stations.

�Focusing density to these areas creates vibrant communities where people can live, work and play while reducing our dependency on cars,� Mr Day said.

But Property Council executive director Joe Lenzo disagreed, saying the move would lead to urban sprawl.

�This is a kneejerk reaction to pressure from some local councils who are opposed to any form of infill,� he said.

�Nothing happens in isolation and stymieing development in inner suburbs simply forces the expansion of Perth�s outer boundaries.�

WA Local Government Association president Lynne Craigie said the local government sector had sought change for several years.

Cockburn�s acting chief executive Daniel Arndt said the changes could limit local housing diversity, choice and affordability.

He said the Cockburn Central Town Centre would not be affected because it is governed by its own detailed area plan and not the R-Codes.

The changes come in on October 23.