Concerns over Kings Square raised

Willagee MLA Peter Tinley, who covers Hilton, O�Connor and Samson but not Kings Square, which falls under fellow Labor MP Simone McGurk, asked Minister for Local Government Tony Simpson a number of questions on how the City of Fremantle has represented the financial implications of the $45 million Kings Square investment to the Fremantle community.

Mr Tinley asked whether the minister was aware of community concerns, the actions the minister had taken to address these concerns, whether the minister had been in contact with the City of Fremantle over the Kings Square Business Plan and whether he was satisfied with the business plan�s accuracy.

At the time of going to print, the minister had not yet answered the questions.

Mr Tinley said he supported the development, but community concerns had to be heard.

�I wholeheartedly support the thoughtful development of Fremantle, including redeveloping Kings Square. I recently met with a local residents association who expressed their concerns over the financial implications to the City of the Kings Square project,� he said.

�I am keen for the minister and his department to assure the community that the City has followed proper process in relation to the business plan, and that the information and financial implications contained within it were sufficient for a decision to be made under the Local Government Act.�

Fremantle city business acting director Tom Griffiths said community speculation which led to the Mr Tinley raising questions came from a local resident looking at the project in isolation and from a commercial viewpoint.

�The City�s decisions are based on much more than just commercial factors, it must also carefully consider the broader economic and social impacts of its decisions on the whole of Fremantle, including its ratepayers, local businesses and the city�s sustainability moving forward,� he said.

�That�s what the business plan does.�