Congestion is only going to get worse for Roe 8

I WOULD just like to point out to all concerned about Roe 8 that when people say that Fremantle Port will reach capacity at some time in the future, and that another container port will be necessary, it doesn’t mean that the port will be shut down.

It means that Fremantle will be operating at maximum capacity, in addition to whatever new facilities are built in Kwinana or elsewhere.

That means that the demands on infrastructure are going to be greater than they are now.

We all live off commerce, one way or another.

Everything that we consume that is not produced in WA comes to us through Fremantle Port.

It is the only container port for thousands of miles in any direction.

That’s your computers and phones, bed linen, kitchenware, motor cars, everything in Bunnings.

The roads are congested now. It can only get worse.

Anything that can be done to ameliorate this situation must be done.

Quality of life will inevitably be compromised, for some more than others.

Welcome to planet Earth where the human population has more than doubled in my lifetime, and looks set to do it again before I die.

We’re all in this together.


Hamilton Hill.