Conmen knocking on doors

Marjorie French in an area of her home worked on by suspected unlicensed tradesmen.
Marjorie French in an area of her home worked on by suspected unlicensed tradesmen.

Marjorie French and her 99-year-old mother were rorted last November after being conned into believing they needed their roof, driveway and paths spray-painted. The roof had been professionally sealed and spray-painted just two years before.

A Yangebup man and another Spearwood resident were also conned.

WA Police, Consumer Protection and Building Commission have been monitoring the group, whose restoration projects include painting and re-laying bitumen driveways without being registered.

The gang is believed to be eight-strong.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Anne Driscoll said they hired local workers who might not realise they were a part of an illegal activity.

‘We have received reports that the gang’s ringleaders advertise for workmen on Gumtree who are then used as unskilled labour to carry out the work which requires a degree of care and skill, as well as a registration in the case of roof restoration and painting,’ she said.

‘Home owners are advised to avoid these conmen who do sub-standard work at inflated prices but make consumers believe they are getting a good deal.’

Building Commissioner Peter Gow advised homeowners to deal only with registered businesses.

‘Asking to see details of a contractor’s licence and independently verifying it before agreeing to any major building or painting work on your property is the vital first step towards protecting yourself from dodgy dealers,’ Mr Gow said.

‘This should ensure your contractor measures up in terms of having the necessary qualifications, knowledge, experience and insurance to carry out work that meets the minimum building standards and complies with building regulations.’