Council approves storage yard

Council approves storage yard

Sandy Van Houwelingen plans to set up a storage business housing recreational camping equipment, boats, trailers and caravans.

Concerns raised during the community consultation period revealed unease about adding traffic to an already busy Russell Road, amenity concerns and a belief the nearby Latitude 32 area is more suited to the proposal.

Cockburn deputy mayor Carol Reeve-Fowkes said the proposal did not meet the objectives of rural zoning and could set a dangerous precedent.

But most councillors believed differently and will allow Mr Van Houwelingen to set up the storage yard with an estimated 37 parking bays.

But the approval has 17 |conditions. These include restricting drop-offs and collections to between 9am and 2.30pm, confining parked trailers and vehicles to the yard and not on other areas of the property, plus landscaping to mitigate any visual impacts.

Mr Van Houwelingen insisted locals had nothing to fear from the plan, with estimates the infrequent traffic would add just two extra car movements a day.

‘We’re absolutely not planning to run a truck depot which were some of the concerns,’ he said.

‘Our plan is for the long- term storage of recreational camping equipment, boats, boat trailers and caravans, with long-term infrequent movement.

‘We don’t want things coming and going every day. We enjoy the rural lifestyle and don’t want it to change.’