Council backs buskers

In February, Council considered amending laws regarding street performers as it was seen as a cost-effective way of attracting people to the Town Square at Cockburn Central. Following the success of performances at the location, the City is convinced street entertainers could be used widely to create more vibrant community spaces.

While last week’s approval will still restrict performers to the Town Square location there is now scope for the City to open up new areas, although Mayor Logan Howlett said there was no definite timeframe for this to occur.

Local musician Matthew Hortin said crowds would be drawn to talented street performers.

‘I would strongly recommend busking and street performances of an appropriate nature be allowed as it’s a great opportunity for talented people to gain experience as well as share what they love,’ he said.

‘There is no doubt that it creates a more vibrant environment because a musical atmosphere has always had a very positive effect on people and it gives culture and life to a city.’

Entertainers will require permits before being allowed to perform.