Cruises bringing in big revenue for WA

FREMANTLE Port continues to be the biggest in WA for cruising, bringing in 92 per cent of WA’s cruise ship revenue.

A Cruise Down Under report released last week said Fremantle Port had generated $254.5 million of revenue in the last financial year, cementing its position as WA’s most important port.

Acting tourism minister John Day said the economic value of cruise shipping in WA had almost doubled from the previous year.

“The cruise industry is undergoing massive growth worldwide and this is paying dividends for tourism in this state,” he said.

“WA leads the rest of the nation in terms of growth in the cruise sector with visiting ships generating more than $275 million in 2014-15 – a $159 million increase on the previous year.

“When Tourism WA and the Cruise Western Australia committee developed the Western Australian Cruise Shipping Strategic Plan 2012-2020, the aim was to eventually increase the value of the sector to $274.4 million, so effectively that goal has been reached five years early.”