Dale Campbell brings magic to Fremantle

Dale Campbell. Photo: Andrew Ritchie. d493650 communitypix.com.au.
Dale Campbell. Photo: Andrew Ritchie. d493650 communitypix.com.au.

DALE Campbell wants to bring the joy of magic to adults and children alike.

The magician, whose stage name is Magic Dale, will be hosting his inaugural magic show in Fremantle.

He said he had always been into magic as a child.

“I always thought ‘that’s not logic, that can’t be done’ so I would learn the magic tricks to find out how they worked,” he said.

“I like the psychology behind it and how the human mind works.

“Everyone knows that magic isn’t real but it’s interesting how when you’re performing magic everyone will stop even a minute to watch.”

After living in London for 10 years and recently moving to Perth, Magic Dale said he got back into magic two years ago.

“I thought if I was on my death bed and I don’t try and make magic work as a full time business I would always regret that,” he said.

“When I was 14 and 15 I used to go to kids birthday parties as a clown doing magic.

“After that I got hired at one of the biggest performing arts camps in America where Maroon 5 was founded when they were just boys, I was hired to teach magic to the children.

“I kind of drifted away from magic but this is the third time drifting into it.”

The Aubin Grove resident said children would learn how to do their own trick during his live show.

“I will give a magic trick, teach them the secret behind it so they can take it home with them,” he said.

“Magic is just as much for the adults as the children, but the children get a good laugh seeing their parents up on stage.”

The show is suitable for children six years and older.

Tickets available here.



WHAT: Magic Dale Live at Canvas Cafe

WHEN: Saturday June 15 from 10am

WHERE: Canvas Cafe Fremantle Arts Centre.