Dangerous drivers in group’s sights

The Tapper Road Action Group.
The Tapper Road Action Group.

The Tapper Road Action Group came together earlier this year after locals began noticing an increase in unsafe driving behaviour along busy Tapper Road.

Co-ordinator Wendy Hope said behaviour along the 4km stretch ranged from hooning and speeding to drivers risking their safety and others through unsafe overtaking manoeuvres.

‘Crossing Tapper Road, with the traffic volumes experienced there each weekday, is dangerous,’ she said.

‘It seems everyone is in a hurry. We want to make sure that the kids going to Atwell Primary School and people using the area in general are safe.’

As the name suggests, early attention has been focused on Tapper Road.

But Ms Hope said the group’s aim was to make the wider community a safer place.

‘We’re concerned about all traffic-related issues.’